Designer Black Lotus LED Ceiling Light

Design inspiration source---Lotus

IRALAN new-arrival chandelier Enviromental Material / Intelligent control /Energy saving/ Controlling color temperature /Light efficiency stability/ Soft eye care

Size: D1150*H140 Use space: 25-30㎡ Power: 144-288W Apply: Living room/ bedroom/ dining room Size: D980*H140 Use space: 20-25㎡ Power: 112-224W Apply: Living room/ bedroom/ dining room

Size: D830*H140 Use space: 15-20㎡ Power: 80-160W Apply: Living room/ bedroom/ dining room Size: D640*H90 Use space: 10-15㎡ Power: 40-80W Apply: Living room/ bedroom/ dining room

Pure white light

Shining as bright as day, Working as efficiently as possible

Warm yellow light

I like the faint lamplight from home, warm and serene. Bathed in the warmth of such families, I will feel the great power of love.

Moon light

The softness of the night, The quiet of the moon light My little fellow, what are you dreaming of when closing your eyes?

Smart phone application control

1. Download the application by QR 2. Turn on the lamp 3. Press the Bluetooth connection switch within 5 seconds after switching on the lamp

Smart remote control

1.Turn on the lamp 2. Press the "setup" switch within 5 seconds after switching on the lamp

The chassis size

Commodity details

1.Acrylic cover, good transparency, no deformation. 2.Great painting, Corrosion protection 3. Porous design, good heat dissipation and fine permeability

2 edge colors

Black edge: demonstrates your prime & luxury White edge: elegant and graceful


Product name: IRALAN Black lotus Chandelier Product Model: IR1907BLC06 Product Weight: 5 petals: 2KG 10 petals: 4.5KG 14 petals: 7KG 18 petals: 10KG Dimensions : 5 petals: φ605mm x 98mm 10 petals: φ765mm x140mm 14 petals: φ920mm x140mm 18 petals: φ1100mm x140mm Rated Power: 5 petals: 40~80W 10 petals: 80~160w 14 petals: 112~224w 18 petals: 144~288w Color Temperature 2700K-5700K Illumination Area: 5 petals: 10~15㎡ 10 petals: 15~20㎡ 14 petals: 20~25㎡ 18 petals: 23~30㎡ Product Material: Acrylic lamp cover, Iron frame Color Temperature:Adjustable color temperature 2700K-5700K Brightness: Adjustable brightness 700lm-6000lm Ra 90@4000K Life Expectancy: Approx. 30000hours Working Temperature: -10°C~40°C Wi-Fi Connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz,4.2 BLE Supporting Platform: Android 4.4 & iOS 8.0 and above