IRANLAN Bauhinia LED Ceiling Light

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IRANLAN Bauhinia LED Ceiling Light

Inspired by the shape of the Bauhinia, the elegant curves and classic black and white colors make it suitable for all decorative styles.

Meet different scenes

Light has various modes for you to select from, each with a unique setting to fit your occasion.

Model introduction

Warm white no remote: The light color is yellowish, having a warm feeling, suitable for places like dining table, living room etc.where you want to create a warm feeling. (not include remote controller)

Cold white no Remote: The light color is white, having a bright feeling. It is suitable for living room kitchens and other places that need to be bright. (not include remote controller)

Dimmable with Remote: It has three light colors : cold white, neutral light and warm white. It can adjust the light color and brightness through remote control and APP. (include remote controller)

Multiple modes of dimmable model: Moonlight mode, low brightness with you all night

Size introduction&Scenario shows

15 heads: Size: D96xH14cm Power of "warm white/cold white" :195watts Power of "diammable ": Max360watts Recommend for 25-30 square meters

12 heads Size: D87xH14cm Power of "warm white/cold white" :156watts Power of "diammable ": Max290watts Recommend for 20-25 square meters

9 heads Size: D82xH14cm Power of "warm white/cold white" :117watts Power of "diammable ": Max216watts Recommend for 15-20 square meters

5 heads Size: D61xH10cm Power of "warm white/cold white" :65watts Power of "diammable ": Max120watts Recommend for 10-15 square meters

3 heads

Size: D55xH10cm Power: 39~72watts Recommend for 5-10 square meters