Luxury Gold Crystal Ceiling Light

Seller Comments:
The decorative effect of light on the atmosphere of the interior space should not be underestimated. The lighting design can help us to establish a perfect spatial structure, allowing different atmospheres and layers to be conveyed in the enclosed space. The glare of the original light will become subtle and warm as it passes through the crystal glass. It is like a warm breeze. Under such gentle light, the whole person becomes quiet.
Details :
1. This new postmodern-style light luxury lamp is made of high-quality Stainless steel materials with a hand-polished finish. Three-layer protective vacuum plating, anti-oxidation and no rust, the color is gold and bright. The  luxurious Chandeliers are full of rich retro atmosphere, and have a noble and luxurious style. In each detail, a personality and a state of mind are embodied, reflecting the highest realm of art and design integration.
2. Round Shape ,5 Kinds of Size , Width 40cm ,60cm, 80cm , 100cm and 120cm (,Finished in chrome or Gold and dressed in glass crystals . this elegant chandelier is perfect for your living room area or bedroom .
3.Using E14 or E12 Lamp Socket ,Will be produced according to the buyer’s national safety standards.
4.We also have the Amber crystal , if you need to see the pictures ,please contact with us .thank you !
5.From 1 of April , 2020 ,we will take the follwoing picture (real shot picture from our Russia customer )  to hang the crystal.



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