Nordic LED Wooden Ceiling Lights In Square Shape


(1)Size:S  L40CM*W40CM*H10CM  LED 12W

         M L48CM*W48CM*H10CM LED  18W
         L   L61CM*W61CM*H10CM LED 24W


(2)Voltage: 110V-240V Available, Support 110V and 220V.


(3)Material:Wooden Frame+ Painted Metal Base+ Acrylic Cover+ LED


(4)Dimmbale:  LED Dimmbale With Remote Means Not Only Brightness Dimmable But Also Color Dimmable. There is Warm White,Neutral Light And Cool White From 3000K to 6500K.It Can Be Controled By Remote.


(5)Neutral Light ,Cool White Light, Warm White: Neutral Light 3600-4200K ,Warm White 3000K-3200K And Cool White Light 6000-6500K but Without Remote. If You Need Warm White or Cool White Please Order White Light And Leave Us Message "Warm White 3000K-3200 or Cool White 6000-6500K"