PIR Motion Sensor Auto Smart Sounds Control LED Ceiling Light

LED Ceiling Light 12W 24W PIR Motion Sensor Modern Lamp Surface Mounted Auto Smart Sounds Control AC 110V 220V Round Panel Light


Sound Sensor and PIR Motion Sensortoo bright or in the day,the lamp doesn't work.
It only works in dark environment or at night.

After the power is turned on, it takes a while for the lamp to work normally. Please do not turn off the power.



Ceiling lamp size 22CM,suitable for 10-15 square meters. Medium room space like bedroom,study room.

Ceiling lamp size 30CM,suitable for 15-20 square meters. Large room space like Living room,bedroom,study room.



Main Materials: Plastic

Power:12w/ 24w

Color:Cold white 6000-6500K

Voltage: AC 85-265V is available, support AC110V/220V(PS:12w No sensor only suppot 220V)

Light source: LED chips

Lamp thickness:3.6cm

Lampdiameter: 22cm/30cm



【No UV or IR radiation 】: LED light source,CRI>85,110LM/watt, energy saving.  Environment friendly.

【NO flash,No blue】: High quality lens to ensure full light transmission,bright and soft light .

【Long Life】: RoHS Material,Low LED heat,High-precision constant current power drive,long lifespan up to 50000 hours.

【Anti Insect】: IP44,DUST PROOF.THIN thickness of lamp shade.


Function options:

【No Sensor】: Only control the light through the switch(Turn it on or off).

【Sound Sensor】: Control by Sound/Voice after turning on the switch(only work in dark light).

【PIR Motion Sensor】:Turning on the switch, then enter the sensor range in dark light,lamp will on.