Waterproof IP65 Led Floodlight

Led Floodlight 10W 50W Outdoor Spotlight Flood Light AC 220V Professional Lighting Street Lamp Waterproof IP65



【Type】LED Floodlight

【Power】10W / 50W

【Voltage】Only AC 220V

【Color】For 10WWarm White (2900-3200K) /Cold White(6000-6500K) 

               Fo r 50W:Warm White (2900-3200K) / Cold White(6000-6500K)

                               & Red/ Blue / Green(Single color no remote)

                               &RGB( with remote )

【Warranty】1 Year

【Application】Outdoor / Square





1.This link have 2 types of the Floodlight , Mini 10W and 50W

Both of them need work with 220V !

And only 50W floodlight with RGB version has the remote (NO BATTERY)

2.There have the earth wire in the lamp , but it is is unnecessary to connect it.

3.If the lamp has the quality problem, please contact us at first, we will help you to solve it.




50W version


   Single color style without  remote control



Mini 10W version (no remote)